MatFuel – Endurance & Focus for Jiu Jitsu, BJJ Pre-Workout Energy Capsules, Low Caffeine




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MatFuel was created to help you get the most from the time you spend on the mats. Whether you work a day job and attend night classes, or you teach and train multiple classes per day, MatFuel helps you show up fresh, energized and focused. Instead of sitting out rolls because of exhaustion or avoiding challenges, you’ll feel motivated and energized to take on those challenges, and even show up when you might have skipped before. It’s safe to take everyday and it doesn’t stop working after a while like many supplements. In fact, you’ll notice with daily use it increases effectiveness. You won’t crash afterwards or feel jittery, and sleeping at night shouldn’t be a problem for most people, since it is lower in caffeine than normal pre-workouts. Give it a try and you’ll feel the difference!

DECREASES PERCEIVED LEVEL OF EXERTION (doesn’t feel like you’re trying hard). This special pre-workout blend is focused on boosting endurance and brain function, not strength and power. It feels nothing like typical pre-workouts.
NO CRASH OR JITTERY FEELINGS. It is designed so you can feel great taking it every day, which is NOT the case with other pre-workouts.
CLEARER THINKING AND BETTER DECISION-MAKING. Since MatFuel energizes the brain as well as the body, you’ll think faster, remember things better, and make better decisions while rolling.
CONTAINS CAFFEINE from the Guarana Extract. If you take the full 5 capsules, it contains 88mg of caffeine – less than a cup of coffee. Each capsule will contain about 17mg of coffee, so 3 capsules would be similar to a cup of tea.

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